Sheet Music

In this section, we provide information on where you can find Anthony Philip Heinrich’s sheet music.

Thanks to the great, long-term and systematic work of American musicologists: Oscar G. Sonneck, William Treat Upton, John Tasker Howard, David Barron, Frank Neely Bruce, J Bunker Clark, Andrew Stiller, James Wintle, and others, Library of Congress Music Department musicologists and staff, who care about the preservation and dissemination of U. S. cultural heritage, we can download Heinrich’s sheet music on the web links below.

If you have information about other sources of A. P. Heinrich’s sheet music, which are not listed here, please write us email (, we will publish it here.

The Library of Congress of the United States gradually presents digital copies of the original compositions of A. P. Heinrich in digital collection entitled “Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, 1820-1860,” HERE.
Digitized sheet music is free to download and public performance (not subject to any copyright).

Kallisti Music Press is a music publishing house based in Philadelphia, founded by musicologist, expert on A. P. Heinrich, Andrew Stiller, who has worked closely with the Library of Congress for decades in publishing Heinrich’s compositions. The publisher’s website is currently down. We will inform you here as soon as it works again.

International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) / Petrucci Music Library presents several of Heinrich’s digitized original compositions which can be downloaded free of charge HERE.

The Czech Museum of Music owns Heinrich compositions printed during the time of his life in the U. S. He brought them from the USA during his visit to Prague in 1857. The originals are part of the Library of Congress collection, where they can be downloaded free of charge (see above). In the Czech Museum of Music, they can be viewed only during a personal visit in agreement with a museum employee.