You can find A. P. Heinrich´s portrait on this page (photo no. 9).The original is a subject of collection of the National Museum – Czech Museum of Music. The reproduction and other images are subjects to the laws of the Czech Republic, EU and other international protection.

More photos with A. P. Heinrich´s portrait are here.

Following photos: 1. Family Audubon´s tomb in which is A. P. Heinrich buried., 2. From left: S. Pullman, P. Pullman, P. Herbert, P. Farsky (see News / 1st December 2014), 3. From left: A. Wodehouse, W. Bolcom, M. Newland, 4. From left: P. Farský, K. Calabria, 5. Invitation poster to Mass for A. P. Heinrich in Krásná Lípa, 6. P. Farský playing Heinrich´s compositions during the Mass, 7. Old Cemetery in Krasny Buk (see News / Summer 2014), 8. Old Cemetery in Krasny Buk (see News / Summer 2014), 9. A. P. Heinrich´s portrait (viz Novinky / 21. prosince 2014), 10. P. Farsky (see News / October 2015)

Audubon's and Heinrich's tombIMG_20141201_171549A. Wodehouse, W. Bolcom, M. NewlandP. Farsky, K. Calabria Invitation poster for the MassMass for APHKrásná Lípa Krásná LípaAnthony Philip Heinrichimg_9868pf2