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Anthony Philip Heinrich – American Beethoven from Krásná Lípa / Amerikanische Beethoven aus Krásná Lípa

Obálka knihyauthor: Pavel Farský;
language: Czech, German;
translation to German: Martina Jablonovská;
release date: August 2018;
publisher: Town Krásná Lípa;
1st edition, ISBN: 978-80-270-4236-4.

Hardcover, 58 pages (Czech) + 58 pages (German); visuals;
Contents: Preface, 8 Chapters, Bibliography, Notes links, Author´s biography.
There is not any sheet music in the book.

The CD contains: 1 composition by L. van Beethoven + 15 compositions by A. P. Heinrich (piano – Pavel Farský).

If you are interested in book and CD, please, contact publisher or us (International A. P. Heinrich Society) at email addresse:

The book is currently out of stock.

Preface is available HERE
The author’s biography is HERE

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